Why List A Home Package?

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It's Less Work For You
We do a lot assessment.
We'll Do The Paperwork
We provide plans, pictures, prices, and property disclosure forms.
You'll Get Noticed More
Our creative marketing material makes your listings "stand out".
Your Opportunities For Sales Will Increase
You get more listings!
You Can Make More Money!
You get commission on the land and the house!

We Are Buyers!

PATCO buys land to subdivide - and we'll give you the listings! We're constantly on the lookout for land for new homes and communities. If you know of land that is being considered for development, please give us a call at (207)324-5574 or email Mark Patterson.

Multiply Your Commission

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Your clients can build with confidence - our 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is best in the industry! Over 30 years of expertise in helping new home buyers safeguard their single largest investment.